Dark Age is a small  cattery registered with Felis Polonia, a member of the largest international cat association FIFe.  We live with our cats in Warsaw, the capital of Poland.  We started caring our  cattery in 1996, Our adventure with cats we begin with Persian race.


  In January 2001 our dream came true when we acquired a Main Coon cat.  LOARA, called “Linka” at home, turned out to be a wonderful creature and fulfilled all our expectations and confirmed what we knew about the breed.  We fell in love with Main Coons through her and we know we will always keep them.

  Our cats are very gentle but playful and inquisitive.  They cope well at cat shows and the excellent marks and distinctions they gain confirm that the judges are also impressed by their beauty :o)


  We place much importance on the health of our charges.  All our cats and kittens are regularly checked by veterinary surgeons and undergo all obligatory examinations and inoculations.

  The characters of our cats are of equal importance, so we always choose for our queens the most suitable partners, so that the resulting offspring are best in their type and character.

  We love our cats and treat them as members of the family, and they repay us with unconditional love, affection and attachment.

We hope to continue successfully breeding pedigree cats and that our kittens give their new owners as much joy as they give us.

Thank you for visiting Dark Age's site and hope to see you again :o)


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