I - litter

born 22.08.2017


mom: PL* DarkAge ZANCARA


dad: Jasio DarkAge Arkiza *PL




 INDYGO - boy 



  ILMENI - girl 






J - litter

born 09.10.2017


mama: PL* DarkAge ZOLA


tata: Jasio DarkAge Arkiza *PL




  Jamilla - girl 



  Jakarta - girl 




 J3 - boy 








If you are interesting in our kittens or plans, feel free to e-mail us !




  From the first days of their lives our kittens stay in close contact with people. We devote lots of our time  to raise them. Thus they are very friendly, opened and trustful.  They always are borne in our bedroom and they stay there until they are more self-dependant. As they grow and develop we let them go and play all over our flat. We try to learn them  from their first steps. We pay great attention to their health and hygiene. When kitten goes to a new owner it already is prepared to live independently. New owners get kitten's pedigree, health book with actual vaccinations as well as health certificate from vet, and the favorite toy. Owners are given basic layette. New owner get also all informations about care of such a little one. We always help and advice new owners. That gives us opportunity to keep in touch with them and to see how our kittens are growing. We also offer our help for those of you who would like to show a cat on a cat show.






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